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Tankless water heaters continue to be popular among homeowners. If you reside in an area with regular cold climates, you know how the temperatures can get brutal. But can you use it in these conditions? This is an important question because you want to ensure that your plumbing and electric lines won’t freeze during winter. Here are facts on whether or not it’s suitable for cold climates and how effective it gets.

What is a Tankless Heater?

A tankless heater is a type of heating system that uses a central heating system with water tanks. There are two options for tankless heaters: condensing and non-condensing. Condensing ones use a second heat exchanger to power a tankless heater, while non-condensing tankless heaters use primary heat exchangers for water heating. For this, it requires the installation of an expensive vent for the hot exhaust, making the former type much more efficient.

Tankless heaters are great for homes with multiple levels or areas of different temperatures throughout the year. They can be adjusted to match your specific needs at any given time. These systems work by using a pump to move water through pipes in the home. The cold water moves up to the heat exchanger, where electricity elements or natural gas burners heat the water before being expelled into your home’s air ducts.

Positives of Tankless Heater in Cold

The tankless heater is a great choice for cold climates. Not only does it help you save money on your energy bill, but it also heats water faster than traditional tank heaters. In addition, since you don’t have to wait for the water to warm up before you use it, you can start using it once you’re ready to start showering or other tasks. Here are reasons why you should choose a tankless heater if you’re living in a cold area:

  • Tankless heaters are plentiful in the winter because they don’t have to run all day long. They heat up quickly and don’t waste energy turning on and off.
  • They are also safer than other heaters because there’s no risk of a fire or explosion if it overheats.
  • Tankless heaters have no tank, so they are easy to install and maintain.
  • These heaters provide heating as needed, so there is no need for a large tank.
  • They are highly efficient because they use less energy than traditional models, saving you money on your electric bill.
  • Tankless heaters can be installed in areas with limited space, such as around sinks or baseboards.

Negatives of Tankless Heater in Cold

While tankless heaters are a great option for cold climates, here are a few drawbacks you should note:

  • Tankless heaters that use electricity can be unreliable in a power outage since they rely on electricity. In case of a power outage, your heater will stop working immediately, and you will be left in the cold in the middle of your activity.
  • Delivering hot water may take a long time.
  • Tankless heaters that rely on gas have a high installation cost
  • Water temperature may get inconsistent if you use multiple outlets

All in All, Good in Cold Climates?

Tankless water heaters are great for cold climates. They’re more efficient than their tank counterparts. Since they have a smaller surface area, they can be installed closer to the wall. This makes them durable and easy to install. You also don’t have to worry about insulation or insulation materials damaged by frozen pipes.

Tankless water heaters are great for cold climates because they don’t require a tank to hold water. This means the water is heated as soon as it is pumped into the system. It’s then released to your outlet as soon as needed. An electric tankless water heater does not have to be vented outside, which makes it even better for colder climates.

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