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From what you can let slip down the drain to ways you can dissolve clogs without the help of a plumber, you believe what you choose to believe. But what if what the false information you’ve been given and the habits you’ve grown accustomed to are actually contributing to a massive, impending clog?

Well, today, Doctor Drips is going to debunk some common drain-clogging myths and recommend solutions that are in your best interest – and that of your pipes.

  1. Drain cleaner is the best way to break-up a clog.
  2. The type of soap I use doesn’t affect my pipes.
  3. Washing food down the kitchen sink won’t hurt anything.
  4. Flushing feminine products and baby wipes is okay.

Doctor Drips is the drain cleaning service provider of choice in Nashville, TN. If you have a clogged drain on your hands, contact our team of plumbing experts to provide you with quick and professional service! 

Drain cleaner is the best way to break-up a clog.

Actually, chemical-based drain cleaners not only fall short of dislodging clogs, they also can be corrosive to your pipes! A better solution? A home remedy!

A simple trick is to pour hot water down the drain then add vinegar and baking soda to eat away at the source of the problem. After letting the mix work for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse the pipe with more hot water. Another hack is a two-liter of Coke! The phosphoric acid in the soda quickly breaks down clogs.

A plumber, however, is your best bet to address the issue head-on. By hiring a professional to clean your pipes, he or she will be able to fix the issue and spot other potential problems you may not even be aware of.

The type of soap I use doesn’t affect my pipes.

This is one of the biggest drain-clogging myths out there! Believe it or not, your bar of soap might be contributing to clogged pipes and residue. Traditional bar soaps, for instance, may seem practical and smell great. But if they leave behind a thin film on your hands, the same thing is happening to your pipes – and will continue to build over weeks and months.

The problem is that the grease and oils in bar soaps stop the flow of water in-and-out of your drain. At some point, this will result in clumps of soap that form large, greasy globs that will clog the pipes.

Liquid soaps are much, much better for your drains! So throw away the bar soaps and give this alternative a try to benefit your pipes.

Washing food down the kitchen sink won’t hurt anything.

So you rinsed some food down the sink. We’ve all done it. Even if you have a garbage disposal, it is best now to allow leftover food on your dishes to wash down the drain; the food will clog your pipes!

While large pieces of food getting lodged in the drain will clearly pose a problem at some point, there are also specific foods that will simply not break down regardless of how much hot water you run. A few examples include egg shells, fibrous foods, grease, and oil.

We suggest you scrape dinner plates, wipe-off excess oil or grease, and install a sink strainer to catch the food and keep your kitchen pipes clean!

Flushing feminine products and baby wipes is okay.

We just cringed a little. Most people don’t realize the harm they are causing because the impact of flushing feminine products and baby wipes, unlike flushing too much toilet paper down the toilet at one time, isn’t immediate. While it is a much slower clogging effect, flushing these materials is a grave mistake.

Why? Simply put, tampons and baby wipes do not break down and are damaging to septic tanks; even heavy-quilted toilet paper can be harmful, especially if used in excess. Because these materials don’t dissolve in the septic tank, they simply create layers upon layers that allow less and less room for septic water and other waste. Eventually, this will cause blockages, clogged pipes, and water backing-up and into your home!

First, don’t flush these products! Second, if you have been flushing feminine products or baby wipes, have your septic tank pumped before they wreak havoc on your septic system and pipes.

Whether your commercial or residential space has a plumbing problem, Doctor Drips can handle the job. Learn more or contact us today

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