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With so much energy going into your water heater, an unprofessional or DIY installation should be avoided at all costs. Without a professional plumbing background, a fault installation could wreak havoc on your home, costing you upwards of hundreds of dollars. A professional water heater installation will be handled with the right tools and won’t create any long lasting problems within your home.

Here’s why you should avoid an unprofessional water heater installation:

  • Importance of Safety Measures
  • Stick to Your Timeline
  • Importance of Professional Advice
  • Installation Protocol
  • Save Time and Money with Dr. Drips!

Importance of Safety Measures

Each type of water heater has its own instructions and safety guidelines. The standard specifications of a unit will vary based on whether it is electric or gas-powered and whether it has a tank. Even if you follow proper safety measures during your DIY project, you’re bound to lack the right tools and information.

By hiring a professional to install your water heater, you’ll be able to rest assured that all safety measures will be followed. Rather than get hurt in the process of a DIY installation, or run the risk of damaging the integrity of your home, following proper safety measures and regulations is important. Moreover, a professional technician will also adhere to any local governmental codes that you might not be familiar with. A plumbing professional is equipped with the right knowledge and equipment to install your water heater safely.

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Stick to Your Timeline

If you’re still preparing to do a DIY water heater installation, you may want to take a step back. An unprofessional water heater installation can not only pose a variety of dangers or plumbing issues, but could also take upwards of a few days or even weeks. When you work with a professional plumbing technician, you can count on sticking to your proposed timeline.

Rather than taking a long time and dealing with excessive issues, a professional installation may only take a few hours. Rather than working on a complex project for multiple days without the right tools or knowledge, hire a plumber! Compared to installing a water heater yourself, it is much easier to hire a professional. Save time, money and avoid excessive property damage with a professional water heater installation.

Importance of Professional Advice

Attempting to install a water heater yourself can be risky, as you cannot seek professional advice. Since there are so many heat sources and tank sizes available, determining which water heater is right for your home and individual needs can be challenging. You may not be able to address your needs efficiently or safely if you choose the DIY route when installing your water heater.

An experienced plumber will understand the ideal temperature range for your specific water heater based on their background knowledge. In this manner, a professional installation can save you from expensive repairs or from maxing out your water heater. It can make the difference between your water heater running smoothly and a costly disaster to seek professional advice regarding the right solutions.

Installation Protocol

A lack of proper installation techniques is probably one of the biggest concerns when it comes to avoiding a DIY installation. DIY installations can cause substantial energy waste, water leaks, and even injury.

In addition, if you do not diagnose and address the problem immediately, you could end up with various fees that will stack up quickly. As well as increasing your expenses, an undetected failure of an installation can cause mold to grow in your home. To avoid costly repairs, poor air quality, injury and so many other issues in your home, hire a plumbing professional to install your water heater.

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Save Time and Money with Dr. Drips!

Rather than be worried about your water heater functionality or concerned about your electric bill costs, stick to a professional water heater installation. A plumbing professional will install your unique water heater solutions in no time, protecting the integrity of your home and giving you a sense of ease.

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