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You might not give your home or company’s plumbing much thought – until something goes wrong. And, in many cases, a quality plumbing company that conducts maintenance services on your pipes, drains, and water heaters can catch and correct issues before they get worse.

Just like regular visits to your family doctor can uncover and monitor your high-blood pressure, proper plumbing maintenance can help you locate leaking pipes, broken water heater tubes, and more. At the same time, you want to make sure your home or business is receiving expert plumbing services and not just run-of-the-mill upkeep that you could do yourself.

Here are several important reasons to consider scheduling regular, quality plumbing maintenance services:  

  1. Inspect Your Pipes for Leaks
  2. Clean Your Water Heater
  3. Unclog Your Drain or Sewer Line
  4. Insulate Your Pipes Before Winter
  5. Choose Doctor Drips

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#1: Inspect Your Pipes for Leaks

Did you know that a leaking pipe can lead to over 10,000 gallons of lost water in just one year? Aside from the value and price of the water lost, think about the other downsides of having a leak: erosion, decay, mold, damaged possessions, etc.

Doctor Drips’ plumbers are fully-licensed and insured as plumbers in Nashville. When you have a leak, you need a licensed plumber who can assess the situation promptly and consider any other damages the leak has caused.

#2: Clean Your Water Heater

All the moving parts of a water heater must work together if you are going to avoid a cold shower! For example, even the naturally-occurring deposits from the water heater can lead to heating issues, if the water heater is not properly cleaned. Sediment like sand and rust can settle at the bottom of your water heater tank, but a professional needs to remove it if the tank is to function.

A full-service plumber can clean, repair, or install electric, gas, and tankless water heaters. They are able to recognize rusting, strange noises, and lack of heat as a sign(s) of water heaters in need of repair. If left unobserved or unserviced, however, the water heater might later need to be replaced altogether.

#3: Unclog Your Drain or Sewer Line

Did you know that various things (such as tree roots, grease, dirt, hair, minerals, and sludge) can clog your drains or sewer line? It might be icky to think about for long, but flushing your drains and sewer jetting are necessary to keep the pipes clear and working correctly.

Doctor Drips removes drain sewer and waste line stoppages, often on-the-spot, because we use the most advanced sewer and drain cleaning equipment in the Nashville area. This includes using our high-powered equipment and pump trucks for heavy-duty jobs.

#4: Insulate Your Pipes Before Winter

No one wants to deal with frozen pipes! Thankfully there is a simple but effective way to proactively service your plumbing. Long before the winter months, you can hire a plumber to insulate your pipes and prevent freezing, especially in areas that are more prone to low temperatures, such as a crawlspace or basement.

Doctor Drips offers services that can help prevent frozen pipes in your home or business. 

Choose Doctor Drips

A full-service plumbing company like Doctor Drips has industry experts, the right tools and equipment, along with the right knowledge to handle your piping needs in Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

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