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Did you know that about 25% of the energy used in your home goes toward heating your water? If you need to replace or repair your gas water heater, you should seek out professionals as soon as possible. You can determine your water heater’s efficiency and operation by a variety of factors, but if you need repairs done in Nashville, Tennessee, then you’re in the right place.

A gas water heater problem can be identified and fixed in a few different ways. Whenever you think your water heater tank may be malfunctioning, it’s best to contact a plumber in your area to do an assessment of the problem.

While most water heaters are reliable, they can have problems from time to time. When you need to repair your water heater, turn off the gas supply by turning the gas pilot control valve to the “pilot” setting on the water heater’s gas valve, or shut off the water supply after the gas source has been turned off.

Here are the top things you need to know about handling a gas water heater repair in Nashville, TN:

  • Loss of Hot Water
  • Rusty, or Colored Water
  • Unsettling Noises
  • Water Heater Leaks

Loss of Hot Water

If there are little telltale signs that your water heater needs repairs, you will know. It’s not pleasant to take a cold shower, but if you notice your water not being at the right temperature, it might be your gas water heater. When using a gas heater, be sure to check the pilot and thermocouple as well as the gas control valve.

A local plumber can examine the problem in order to ensure that there aren’t any urgent issues that need to be resolved. A gas water heater may be malfunctioning if, after starting out hot, your shower quickly becomes cold.

Look for a damaged or disconnected dip tube as well as the temperature setting and sediment in the tank. You can also contact a plumber to ensure problems don’t harm the unit, which will save you money and time on purchasing a new water heater.

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Rusty, or Colored Water

A discolored water supply in your home is another sign that a gas water heater may need repairs. Do you ever notice that your water has a brown tinge or even smells funny when you turn on the faucet? You may have corrosion in the pipes or bacteria buildup, which you should have evaluated by a plumber. These issues are easily remediated, but if you sit on them, your health may be compromised.

Unsettling Noises

Another issue to be on the lookout for is loud or unusual noises coming from your gas water heater. Sounds coming from your basement might be your water heater. Under normal circumstances, boiling water will create a low rumble or popping noise.

Although you probably want warm water inside your home, boilers boil water due to excess sediment buildup. You can resolve this problem by flushing the water heater and removing the sediment. Contact a local plumbing professional to ensure this process is done properly and that it won’t happen again.

Water Heater Leaks

Water heater leaks can cause excessive property damage, but any pipe leak can create mold issues in your home. If you suspect that your gas water heater is leaking, you should contact a local plumbing professional rather than create more mold or risk flooding. If your water heater tank is leaking, you will need to replace it immediately to ensure that your home and health will not be damaged or affected in any way.

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