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Doctor Drips is one of the most reputable plumbers for electric water heaters in Nashville TN and is professionally equipped and trained to assist with any Electric Water Heater Repair you may need.

Like all appliances, the maximum lifespan of an appliance tells how long your unit will last your family. This period of time is usually between 8 to 12 years for electric water heaters. Some signs of age are a rusty unit, leaking, and lack of producing heat.

Rusting: As rust eats away at the steel body of the unit, it degrades and weakens. It is only a matter of time before the unit or pipes (or both!) begin to leak. Brownish or rusty dark colored water should signal to you that your water heater should be checked right away.

Strange noises: If the sound your water heater makes begins to sound different to you, especially if it is louder than usual, you can know the unit is having trouble. Over time, sediment builds up and can cause a serious problem for the health of your water heater. If left too long, a sediment cleaning might not be enough to fix the situation.

Lack of Heat: The efficiency of any appliance wears down over time and breaking is eventually inevitable. Heating cycle after heating cycle can cause the thermostat to fail and the heating element itself to die out. A change in the usual output of heat can serve as a telling sign of this taking place.

We are an insured plumbing company that provides Hot Water Heater Service and Installation in Nashville and surrounding areas. If you have an Electric Water Heater that needs to be replaced or repaired, ignoring the signs could mean future problems that will only progressively get worse. 

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Electric Water Heater Installation
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Electric water heaters are a great money-saving alternative delivering comfortable warmth where it’s needed most. The units are mounted on the wall and effectively provide convection-heated water throughout your home’s taps. Most homes have standard (tank) hot water heaters installed. 

Electric Water Heaters are a new style of compact water heater that can be installed wherever hot water is needed. The unique wall-mounted design frees up valuable space. The combination of a smaller capacity tank with a powerful heating element gives this electric water heater a quick recovery time.  Your Nashville plumber Doctor Drips can quickly and efficiently service and install Electric Hot Water Heaters.

Most home heating units don’t always heat uniformly, so having an Electric Water Heater Installed can help make up the temperature difference. There is a large variety of electric water heater units available now that have dramatically improved in quality over the years. Not only have they improved in energy efficiency, but safety as well.

Give our team of professionals at Doctor Drips a call at 615-970-0047! We provide Hot Water Heater Installation and Services in Nashville and surrounding areas. Improve your family’s quality of life with an Electric Hot Water Heater Installation from an insured plumbing company that will get the job done right today!