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Replace Your Water Heater With A Tankless Water Heater in Nashville, TN

No Hot Water? When you need hot water, it adds more demand and consumes extra energy from you. Hot water is needed in any household and a large amount of energy used to get it is wasted when we rely on alternative methods. Though most homes use the storage type heater, a more practical alternative to traditional units is the well-known tankless water heater. 

These heaters supply you with a constant flow of hot water that is provided on demand. They have no storage capacity as their name indicates. They are mainly available in electric and gas models and work by using a sensor device that controls the heating at a certain minimum flow rate once you open the tap.

To replace a water heater with tankless can bring a benefit to your family, despite their additional cost and more difficult installation. These units reduce energy consumption and can lower your utility bills. Tankless water heaters also waste less heat and can outlast the most convenient storage heaters today. They are simple to repair when problems arise and broken parts are easy to replace.

Tankless Water Heater Installations are best considered to be done by professional plumber services. In most cases, several manufacturers require you to get help from a skilled contractor to set it up. Depending on the type of the tankless system, installation may call for the upgrading or altering of your existing electrical or gas system to support the new assembly. 

This is because specific wiring or adjustments in the airflow of a gas system may be needed, for example. Our licensed, trained, and experienced services can help install your newly upgraded Tankless Water Heating system with simple and trouble-free results. Give Doctor Drips a call today at 615-970-0047!

Tankless Water Heater Installation Nashville, TN

Doctor Drips is a certified plumbing company that has been proudly serving the Nashville area for years. Let our expert sales team, service staff, and Tankless Water Heater Installation specialists help you meet your Tankless Water Heater needs.

Our Tankless Water Heater Services in Nashville include:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Service
  • Relocation
  • Design
  • Retro-fit
  • Re-piping

Our team provides services and repairs to a variety of tankless brand-name manufacturers, even those originally installed by another company. From precise troubleshooting to a complete rebuild, Doctor Drips is the most reliable and experienced choice trained and licensed to work on a wide array of both new and old tankless models.

Point of Use Hot Water or On-Demand Hot Water is the premise behind Tankless Water Heaters. This means exceptionally high energy efficiency since they only use energy or gas when there is a demand. Not only does this result in an endless supply of hot water, but a direct savings to you with a typical unit saving around 35% in energy costs a year. You will save money and better the environment in the process. 

If you are looking for a new Tankless Water Heater installation, looking to replace your hot water heater with a Tankless System, or need to repair an existing Tankless Water Heater, please contact Doctor Drips at 615-970-0047! We are proudly servicing Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. 

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Nashville Tankless Water Heater Repair Services

Doctor Drips provides the best Tankless Water Heater Repair Services and maintenance services at a reasonable cost in Nashville, TN. 

Maintaining your tankless hot water heater can help you avoid dealing with cold showers when you have no water during the downtime related to repair issues. It can also potentially help with the longevity of your unit and promote energy efficiency. Regular system maintenance will diminish significant problems that can result in needed repairs, like the effects of hard water. 

Like all appliances, the maximum lifespan of an appliance tells of how long your unit will last your family. This period of time can be up to 20 years for tankless water heaters! Some signs of age are a rusty unit, leaking, and lack of producing heat.

Rusting: As rust eats away at the steel body of the unit, it degrades and weakens. It is only a matter of time before the unit or pipes (or both!) begin to leak. Brownish or rusty dark colored water should signal to you that your water heater should be checked right away.

Strange noises: If the sound your water heater makes begins to sound different to you, especially louder than usual, you can know the unit is having trouble. Over time, sediment builds up and can cause a serious problem for the health of your water heater. If left too long, a sediment cleaning might not be enough to fix the situation.

Lack of Heat: The efficiency of any appliance wears down over time and breaking is eventually inevitable. Heating cycle after heating cycle can cause the thermostat to fail and the heating element itself to die out. A change in the usual output of heat can serve as a telling sign of this taking place.

Sudden Shut Off: If your tankless water heater has shut itself off, it could be trying to tell you there is a problem. This might be an indicator of a clogged filter, which can prove dangerous as the system is unable to ventilate the high heat exhaust.

We are an insured plumbing company that provides Hot Water Heater Service, Maintenance, and Installation in Nashville and surrounding areas. If you have a tankless water heater that needs to be replaced or repaired, ignoring the signs could mean future problems that will only progressively get worse. We can help salvage, replace, or repair your current tankless water heater, simply contact Doctor Drips today at 615-970-0047!


How Much Does it Cost to Have a Water Heater Installed?

You know you’re in trouble when you see cloudy and no hot water coming out when you open your hot water tap. Though water heaters may generally last for over a decade, sudden breakdowns can occur. The moment this pops up, it’s ideal to look for a good replacement or a system upgrade.

For the most part, you can check if the old water heating system still suits your home, or your home inspection and audit suggest that a new and better heating system is called for. A wide selection of heater types and sizes is out there for you to find and purchase and they come equipped with the latest energy-saving and modern technology to boot. You can take your pick from the different gas models, electric, tankless units, etc.

To govern your choice of water heaters, you ought to consider the amount of hot water that you need or what your home needs, your existing line set up, and the relative cost of the water heaters. Once you figure this out, you can start your search. If you’re seeking a standard heater, you may want to overlook the brand and get a good deal with a good warranty. On average, basic water heaters on sale run about $150 to less than a thousand, depending on the make, energy efficiency, and total capacity. For instance, shopping for a tankless water heater can cost about $200 to $1,000. As for the highly efficient and extended-life systems, they clearly cost more.

Admittedly, installing your new system by yourself can save you the cost and the trouble of getting a contractor to do the setup. A plumber can cost about a couple hundred dollars. Doing it on your own can allow you to cut the installation expenses in half.

If you are looking for the Installation of a New Tankless Water Heater, looking to Replace a Water Heater with a Tankless, or need to Repair an existing Tankless Water Heater, please contact Doctor Drips at 615-970-0047 and we are servicing in Nashville, TN & surrounding areas.